2018 was an amazing year for Shotgun Lullaby!  In spite of everything that changed, we embraced them all and played our hearts out!  2019 brings many exciting things for us!   A RECORD, big shows, more touring.  So many things to be grateful for, and most especially our fans!  Thank you all for your continued support and friendships!  1/14/19

The only thing that's constant is that everything changes!  We've been so fortunate to have so many good players in this band, and we now add to that list Don Kalil on drums and Cory Linn on guitar.  These two guys are amazing players and we're lucky to have them.  Come out and see what's new!  4/16/18

Been awhile since we've posted news, but that's because we've been playing so much we don't have time to talk about it!  Biggest news is that we are incredibly blessed to have Howard Ogg join us on drums.  You MUST see this lineup - it's so gel-y you could spread it on toast!  6/5/17

What a great summer Shotgun Lullaby had!  Thanks to all of our friends who supported and will continue to support us.  You make this an amazing journey!  9/29/16

September is shaping up to be a busy month for Shotgun Lullaby, with awesome venue variety!  Check out our schedule and meet up with us at a location near you!  9/9/16