Thank you from the Anchors Country Bar crew for a great night.  Everybody did an amazing job and put on an excellent performance.  Please get ahold of me to book another date.  

                                          Cheers, Michael D. Ayers Jr. 

                                          Anchors Country Bar


Okay guys, we need to talk about this band. You know when live music can make you tap your feet & you just have to be movin’ cause the band makes it hard to sit still …. That’s what Shotgun Lullaby does. Great energy and a singer that keeps you on your toes! Whether it’s singing rocking lullabies that gives you all the feels (in the best ways, of course) or pulling you to your feet to dance, this band is worth checking out.

                                          Paige Hackathorn

                                          Paparazzi Jewelry / Fan

What our listeners are saying:


Heard them last night at Takoda Tavern in Parker.  Rocked the house for nearly 4 hours. 
An awesome band, soulful country rock.   Fun time!  M. Evans

They are really good. Had fun B4 Broncos/Packers game with Heather.  J. Gulick

Love the band, singer is excellent, and bass player not too bad too! Lol  L. Edwards